Wednesday, December 01, 2010

When An Engineer Stands In As A Doctor

A doctor, who runs a private clinic in a remote area, had no choice one day, but to ask a favor from his engineer buddy.

"Murphy, I am having an emergency situation right now and don't want to close the clinic. I want you to take care of the clinic and take care of all my patients. I will be back by the end of the day". 

"Alright buddy, I'll be there in a minute!" answers Murphy who lives nearby.

At the clinic, the two buddies met.

"I don't have to teach you how to use these simple medical equipments. You are an expert and these are simple equipments. The thermometer, the blood pressure gauge, all the rest are here."

"No problem buddy!" 

"And the medicines for common illnesses, are all in here. You know what they are for. The same ones that you are having in your first-aid box. But in case there is anything that you cannot handle, do not hesitate to call this number. An ambulance will be here right away. Let them handle the patient. Alright buddy?!"

"He..he..he.. Dr. Murphy is here! Don't worry a thing. Go! Settle your problem and be back right here as soon as you can!", said Murphy.

Next couple of hours in the evening, the doctor returns to the clinic and asks: "So, Dr. Murphy, how was your day?"

Murphy told him that he took care of three patients. "The first one had a headache so he did, so I gave him Paracetamol. "

"Bravo Murphy buddy, and the second one?" asks the doctor.

"The second one had indigestion and I gave him Gaviscon, so I did sir" says Murphy.

"Bravo, bravo! You're indeed a locum at this clinic! And what about the third one?" asks the doctor.

"I was sitting here and suddenly the door flies open and a young gorgeous woman bursts in so she does. Like a bolt outta the blue, she tears off her clothes, taking off everything including her bra and her panties and lies down on the table, spreading her legs and shouts:

'HELP ME for the love of St Patrick! For five years I have not seen any man!'"

"Tunderin' lord Jesus Murphy, what did you do, doctor Sir?!!!" asks the doctor.

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"I put drops in her eyes!"

(taken from group posts - original author unknown)

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