Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Known by the Names

I've got this in my mail box today...

20 Most Unfortunate First and Last Names ...

Imagine how hard life can be sometimes for these people, especially when they are professionals… But at the same time, if they didn’t change them till now, it means that they know how to deal with different difficult situations that their names can cause.

1. Dick Hyman

2. Dick Payne

3. Professor Fuck

4. Dr. Cockburn


5. Anurag Dikshit

6. Coach Sally Mangina

7. Representative Dick Ball

8. Dr. Harry Beaver

 9. Dr. Dick Chopp

 10. Yolanda Squatpump

11. Ima Hogg


12. Peter Enis


13. Dr. Harry Johnson

14. Anita Dick

 15. Professor Assmann


16. Dr. Pornsak


17. Dr. Dick Weiner

18. Dr. B.J. Hardick

19. Ben Dover

20. Sheriff Mike Hunt

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