Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kasih Latifah

Dalam naik turun nafas menjunjung namaMu
Makin asyik, makin jauh dihanyutkan rindu
Tiap saat ketika kudambakan wajahMu

Makin puja, makin cinta menusuk kalbumu
Dalam naik turun nafas menjunjung namamu
Makin asyik, makin jauh dihanyutkan rindu
Tiap saat ketika kudambakan wajahmu
 Makin puja, makin cinta menusuk kalbumu
Dalam naik turun nafas menjunjung namamu
Makin asyik, makin jauh dihanyutkan rindu
Tiap saat ketika kudambakan kasihmu

Janganlah kau seksa diriku yang lemah
Sedangkan kau sedar semua ini
Bukanlah satu permintaanku

Makin puja, makin cinta menusuk kalbumu
Dalam naik turun nafas menjunjung namamu
Makin asyik, makin jauh dihanyutkan rindu
Tiap saat ketika kudambakan jiwamu

Janganlah kau seksa lagi
Diriku yang lemah dan hina ini
Sedangkan kau sedar semua ini
Bukanlah pilihanku
 Aku sanggup cabar sesiapa saja
Yang sempat memandang cahaya kau itu
Dan tidak tergoda (wajahmu)
Tersungkur jatuh (kasihmu)
Menuntut kasih Latifah (jiwamu)

Makin puja, makin cinta menusuk kalbumu
Dalam naik turun nafas menjunjung namamu
Makin asyik, makin jauh dihanyutkan rindu
Tiap saat ketika kudambakan wajahmu
Tiap saat ketika kudambakan kasihmu
Tiap saat ketika kudambakan jiwamu

Saturday, December 12, 2015

To live between your mind and feelings

To live between your mind and feelings
Find your way, check it out
Learn each day
Follow the light, it's not in vain
And you will see I'll touch your feelings

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The best place to begin

"It is critical in the current time frame to remain receptive to the divine whispers of the eternal. Those who have defined their cause as one of negativity simply cannot find fertile ground in your thoughts and energy. To remain steadfast in your stance of positiveness can be tedious.

Know that the nature of who you are is a strong one. Nothing can block the natural ebb and flow that emanates from within your heart. There are those who would seek to eradicate the beauty of the soul. Some wish to seed the earth plane with all types of evil. This behaviour has participated for centuries.

Many have attempted destruction, but without cooperation, those who would try will fail. Be steadfast in the belief of who you are. The glow of spirit within cannot be stilled. Allow your deepest thoughts of peace and serenity to come forth.

Stop running the race for a few moments to take in the beauty of the world you wish to create. If it is covered in darkness, shine your brightness upon it. The core of essence of the divine is still there.

A new wave of purity created by the individual is the best place to begin in a cluttered negative space.

Be of good cheer and yes, hopeful. Restructure reality serenely, but with great strength.

Face your inner doubts and disappointments with a fresh outlook. Decide you can make a difference. Nothing can stop you if you stay focused. Calm the fear. Do not get swept away in the mass turmoil.

It is the individual perspective with a state of purity that will conquer the darkness.

Know that you have the strength to reignite the peace and serenity."


Friday, November 13, 2015

I Choose to Kiss You in the Wind

"I choose to love you in silence.....
For in silence I find no rejection

I choose to love you in loneliness....
For in loneliness no one owns you but me.

I choose to adore you from a distance...
For distance will shield me from pain.

I choose to kiss you in the wind...
For the wind is gentler than my lips,
I choose to hold you in my dreams.....
For in my dreams you have no end."

~ Rumi

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kalau diturut makrifat iman

Ikan di laut, asam di darat

Norlela Nasir / A. Halim
Kalau menyanyi perlahan-lahan
Di bawa angin terdengar jauh
Kalau menyanyi perlahan-lahan
Di bawa angin terdengar jauh

Kalau hati tidak tertahan
Di dalam air badan berpeluh
Kalau hati tidak tertahan
Di dalam air badan berpeluh

Bunga melati di dalam taman
Daun yang hijau banyak yang gugur
Bunga melati di dalam taman
Daun yang hijau banyak yang gugur

Kalau turut makrifat iman
Tidakkan air mungkin bercantum
Kalau turut makrifat iman
Tidakkan air mungkin bercantum

Kalau takut dilambung ombak
Jangan berumah di tepi pantai
Ikan di laut asam di darat
Dalam periuk bikin mufakat

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nothing is free.. No Thing..

Nothing is free...
You are great !
.. so claim your Greatness..

(Surah At Tin - 95 : 4)

Name me one thing which is free?
a quicky answer you may say then..
"The air you breathe..."

Let's go to the territory which our current mind can see.. comprehend..

We were once from just a drop of semen
Millions of sperms from that semen swimming, striving and journeying..
across the ovarian sea
Not all the millions reach its destination..
The one that reaches, may not survive too..
Unwilling to go further..
That life is then given up..

But You...
Out that many millions..
The one who does not give up easily..
Determined to live..
Meeting and Uniting with your other You..
Patiently surviving the world of Womb..
And soon the people of the earth will celebrate this joyous Birth..
An earthling date to be remembered year by year..

Is that air you breathe, free?
It has "costs" you a great "Warriorship" to be alived today..

Like any great religions of the world will preach...
Life is Sacred
It is a great sin to end a life..
Now you manifest your Great Warriorship once again
Preserving your life the end of time
And again, not all the billions warriors...
You are again not in the list of those who gave up easily..

Is that air you breathe, free?
It has "costs" you another great "Warriorship" to continue to be alived today..

This Journey... this Travel..
Has long begun before any beginning..
Has long embarked upon by You in the ancient time before there was any time frame
An outward Journey to be Home

Nothing is free..
No Thing..

P/s: If you say; yes!.. there are things which are "free".. they won't cost you a dollar sign.. 
then I may tend to agree with you in the narrower sense...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Haram kelamin untuk kita bercerai...


~~Malai rinduku merintih… kecintaan…
Duduk termenung hanya bingung… kerinduan
Walaupun jauh dari nyata
Kasih dan sayang telah lama ku satukan
Semua kasihku dalam gemala…
Ke laut jawi kan ku kirimkan sana…

Duhai kasih hijabmu di sini
Masyhur rupamu di mata kalbu ini
Berbaringan diusik rindu azali
Di manakah kekasih…
Yang jauh dariku… memakan debu…
Rindumu… segenap nafasku melihat renunganmu…
Wangi dan harum kau kekasih…
Antara lamunan segala kalimahku ini…
Siapa yang mengerti…

Menghilang tahun ku tahan dahaga…
Setelah habis madah sang puteri…
Pautan kasih ku kenal sendiri
Teringin ku melihat sebalik hijabmu…
Wajah yang ku puja

Kekasih lama sudah aku menunggu…
Larut nan denai larat nan damai…
Haram kelamin untuk kita bercerai
Kasih dan sayang dalam keredhaanMu…~~

Friday, May 29, 2015

Cinta Mu tiada berbanding

Dari timur hingga ke barat
sayap ku bertebar
setiap inci daerah di sana
setiap inci daerah di sini, aku lewati

Tidak ku tinggalkan secebis daerah di utara
Hanya kerana wujudnya satu daerah di selatan

Di sana yang mereka geruni, aku meneroka
Di sini yang mereka idami, aku perhaluskan
Bagaimanakah mereka akan kenali daerah di sini
sedangkan ke sana mereka jauhi?

Timur, Barat, Selatan dan Utara
dan yang semesta merangkumi segala arah 
dan sekumit zarah
diam di dalamnya
Nun dalam di sebalik noktah yang tiada

dengan kewujudan ini
tiada lagi ada sesuatu yang berbanding kepada ku
tidak juga yang tiada menjadi bandingan kepada ku

tiada lagi yang selainnya..

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mystery of Life

The mystery of life
is not a problem to
be solved,
but a reality
to be experienced.
~ Aart Van Der Leeuw ~
(quoted in The Soul Unearthed)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

If you can only reflect like a clean mirror

if you can only reflect
like a clean mirror
you'll be that magical spirit

transmute from a wave
to an ocean
from an abyss
to surpass an angel

your soul and mine
used to be mingled
breathing as one
journeying as one

though you're in the limelight now
you must still kiss a candle
to feel the essence
to feel the light

Ghazal (Ode) 3264
Translated by Nader Khalili
"Rumi, Fountain of Fire"
Burning Gate Press, Los Angeles, 1994

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Not dawdling

Not dawdling
not doubting
intrepid all the way
walk toward clarity
with sharp eye
With sharpened sword
clearcut the path
to the lucent surprise
of enlightenment
At every crossroad
be prepared to bump into wonder
~ James Broughton ~

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Love embraces all

any one in love
will have no religion
in the religion of love
there is no heresy or faith
love know no
body heart or soul
there is only
oneness and no more

Translation by Nader Khalili
Rumi, Dancing the Flame
Cal-Earth Press, 2001

Be certain
in the religion of Love
there are no
believers or unbelievers.
Love embraces all.

Translation by Azima Melita Kolin and Maryam Mafi
Rumi: Whispers of the Beloved
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 1999

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In this house we are all guests

How do you know what birds we are or what we recite every
moment beneath our breath?

How can anyone bring us to hand? We are sometimes the
treasure, sometimes the ruins!

The heavens revolve for our sake - that is why we keep on
turning like a wheel.

How should we remain in this house? In this house we are
all guests.

Although in form we are beggars in the lane, behold our
attributes! Then you will know what sort of sultan we are!

Since tomorrow we will be king of all of Egypt, why should
we grieve if today we are imprisoned?

As long as we have been in this form, no one has troubled us,
nor have we troubled anyone.

When Shams-i Tabrizi becomes our guest, we are multiplied
hundreds of millions of times!

Ode 1767
Translation by William C. Chittick
"The Sufi Path of Love - The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi"
State University of New York Press, Albany, 1983

Sunday, March 01, 2015

This Useless Heart

Heart, since you embraced the mysteries,
you have become useless for anything else.
Go mad, don't stay sane.
People meditate to get something.
All you do is give.
Crazy Majnun's priorities are now yours, too.

If you want to be respectable,
why do you go downtown drunk?
It's no good just sitting in some corner,
once you've made friends with the dissolute of this path.

Go back to the desert;
leave this shabby town.
There's the smell of a tavern
somewhere in this neighborhood,
and it's already got you high.

Now follow it. Go to Qaf Mountain like the Simurgh,*
leave these owls and herons.
Go into the thicket of Reality like a lion.
Why linger with hyenas and dogs?
Don't go after the scent of Joseph's shirt,
you are already mourning his death like Jacob, his father.

  Version by Kabir Helminski
"Love is a Stranger"
Threshold Books, 1993

*"The Simurgh" -- the phoenix, which dwells upon Mount Qaf. In sufi symbolism, the phoenix often symbolizes the spirit of the saint, or the saint himself, while Mount Qaf is his station in God's presence. -- Sunlight footnote from Chittick's "The Sufi Path of Love"

Heart, since you have become understanding of the mysteries,
you have become useless for all other employments.
Be still mad and insane; why have you come to your senses
and recovered your wits?

Meditation is all for the sake of acquiring; you have become
entirely giving.

Preserve that same order of Majnun, for you have become in-
different to all orderings.

If you desire to be veiled and prudent, why did you go about
drunk in the market?
To sit in a corner yields you no profit once you have become
the friend of the dissolutes of this path.

Go forth into the desert, that same desert where you were; you
have wandered long enough in these ruins.

There is a tavern in your neighborhood, from the scent of its
wine you have become intoxicated.
Seize this scent and go to the tavern, for you have become
nimble-paced as that scent.

Go to the mountain of the Qaf like the Simorg; why have you
become the friend of owl and heron?
Go like a lion into the thicket of reality; why have you become
the friend of the fox and the hyena?

Go not after the scent of the shirt of Joseph, for like Jacob, you
are in mourning.

  Translation by A.J. Arberry
"Mystical Poems of Rumi 1"
University of Chicago Press, 1995

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Too Vast for Partnership

Will it be better for us when we
dissolve into the ground, or worse?

Let's learn now what will happen.

This is lovers' work, to break through and become this earth,
 to die before we die. 
Don't think of pairing up somehow with God! 
That claim is a religious self-indulgence. 
You know it by the smell:
smoke coming off dried dung is different from that of aloe wood! 
The presence that one second is soil, then water, fire,
smoke, woof, warp, a friend, a shame, a modesty, 
is too vast and intimate for partnership!
Observers watch as presence takes thousands of forms.

But inside your eyes the presence doesn't brighten or dim;
it just lives there. 
A saint or a prophet,
one like Muhammad can see the trees of heaven,
the fruit hanging so close he could reach and pick one for his friend. 
But it's not time for that.

They melt and flow away from sight.

  Ghazal (Ode) 941
Version by Coleman Barks, with Nevit Ergin
"The Glance"
Viking-Penguin, 1999

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A World with No Boundaries

With every breath the sound
of love surrounds us,
and we are bound for the depths
of space, without distraction.

We've been in orbit before
and know the angels there.
Let's go there again, Master,
for that is our land.

Yet we are beyond all of that
and more than angels.
Out beyond duality,
we have a home, and it is Majesty.
That pure substance is
different from this dusty world.
What kind of place is this?
We once came down; soon we'll return.
A new happiness befriends us
as we work at offering our lives.

Muhammad, the jewel of the world,
is our caravan's chosen guide.
The sweetness we breathe on the wind
is from the scent of his hair,
and the radiance of our thought
is from the light of his day.

His face once caused
the moon to split in two.
She couldn't endure the sight of him.
Yet how lucky she was,
she who humbly received him.
Look into your heart and see
the splitting moon within each breath.
Having seen that vision,
how can you still dream?

When the wave of "Am I not?" struck,
it wrecked the body's ship;
when the ship wrecks again,
it will be the time of union.

The Human Being, like a bird of the sea,
emerged from the ocean of the soul.
Earth is not the final place of rest
for a bird born from the sea.

No, we are pearls of that ocean;
all of us live in it;
and if it weren't so, why would
wave upon wave arrive?

This is the time of union,
the time of eternal beauty.
It is the time of luck and kindness;
it is the ocean of purity.
The wave of bestowal has come.

The roar of the sea is here.
The morning of happiness has dawned.
No, it is the light of God.

Whose face is pictured here?
Who is this shah or prince?
Who is this ancient intelligence?
They are all masks . . .
and the only remedy is
this boiling ecstasy of the soul.

A fountain of refreshment
is in the head and the eyes -
not this bodily head
but another pure spiritual one.

Many a pure head has been spilled
in the dust. Know the one from the other!
Our original head is hidden,
while this other is visible.
Beyond this world is a world
that has no boundaries.

Put your water skin away, brother,
and draw some wine from our cask!
The clay jug of perception
has such a narrow spout.
The sun appeared from the direction of Tabriz,
and I said, "This light is at once joined
with all things, and yet apart from everything."

Ghazal (Ode) 363
Version by Kabir Helminski
"Love is a Stranger"
Threshold Books, 1993

Sunday, February 01, 2015

This cutting away

come and see me
today i am away
out of this world

hidden away
from me and i

i grabbed a dagger
made slices of
me from myself
since i belong
not to me
not to anyone

i am so sorry
for not having done
this cutting away before
it was my soul's mind
and not mine

i have no idea
how my inner fire
is burning today
my tongue
is on a different flame

i see myself
with a hundred faces
and to each one
i swear it is me

surely i must have
a hundred faces
i confess none is mine
i have no face

Ghazal 1519
Translation by Nader Khalili
"Rumi, Fountain of Fire"
Burning Gate Press, 1984

Saturday, January 31, 2015

In the Book

In The Book

A hand appears.
It writes on the wall.
Just a hand moving in the air,
and writing on the wall.

A voice comes and says the words,
"You have been weighed,
you have been judged,
and have failed."

The hand disappears, the voice
fades away into silence.
And a spirit stirs and fills
and room, all space, all things.

All this in The Book
asks, "What have you done wrong?"
But The Spirit says,
"Come to me, who need comfort."

And the hand, the wall, the voice
are gone, but The Spirit is everywhere.
The story ends inside the book,
but outside, wherever you are --

It goes on.

~ William Stafford ~
(The Way It Is)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This is Love

This is love –-- to fly upward
toward the endless heavens.
To rend a hundred veils at every moment.
At the first breath, to give up for life;
At the final step, to go without feet.
To see the world as a dream
and not as it appears.

I said, O heart
What a blessing it is
To join the circle of lovers,
To see beyond sight,
To know the secrets within every breast.

I said, O soul
From where comes your life
And the power of your spirit?
Tell me, speak in the language of birds,
And I will understand.

My soul said to me:
They brought me to God's workshop
Where all things take form – and I flew.
Before this form of mine
was even shaped – I flew and flew.

And when I could fly no longer
They dragged me into this form,
and locked me into this house
of water and clay.

Version by Jonathan Star
"A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi,"
Jonathan Star and Shahram Shiva
Bantam Books, 1992

This is Love: to fly heavenward,
To rend, every instant, a hundred veils*.
The first moment, to renounce life*;
The last step, to fare without feet.
To regard this world as invisible*,
Not to see what appears to one's self*.
"O heart," I said, "may it bless thee
To have entered the circle of lovers,
To look beyond the range of the eye,
To penetrate the windings of the bosom*!
Whence did this breath come to thee, O my soul,
Whence this throbbing, O my heart?
O bird*, speak the language of birds*:
I can understand thy hidden meaning."
The soul answered: "I was in the (divine) Factory*
While the house of water and clay* was a-baking*.
I was flying away from the (material) workshop
While the workshop* was being created*.
When I could resist no more, they dragged me
To mould me into shape like a ball*."

T.267.8 ("Tabriz Edition of the Divani Shamsi Tabriz)
"Selected Poems from the Divani Shamsi Tabriz"
Edited and translated by Reynold A. Nicholson
Cambridge, At the University Press, 1898, 1952

Nicholson's notes:

* "a hundred veils" "a veil' is whatever prevents union with the Deity. "Some one said to Junaid (ob.297 A.H.): 'I find that the shaikhs of Khorasan recognise three species of veils, the first is the human nature, the second is the world, and the third is concupiscence.'
'These,' answered Junaid, 'are veils on the hearts of the vulgar; the elect are veiled otherwise, namely by regarding works, by seeking future recompense for them, and by considering the favour of God'" (Jami, "Nafahatu'l Uns," p. 92).

* "to renounce life" -- to renounce self (fana') and to travel abidingly in God (bagha'), which are the beginning and end of the mystical journey; cf. i.e. transported me out of self. The first stage is fana', return from phenomenal to Absolute Being. In the second stage of his journey (bagha') the pilgrim abides in God and experiences with Him the differentiation of Unity into plurality. "Gulshani Raz," 307 seq.). In the "Baharistan" (p. 10, 1. 16 seq.) faith is defined as "severing and uniting", i.e., to sever the heart from created things and unite it with God.'

* "To regard this world as invisible" -- cf. Look not on the world from outside, for the world is within the eye; When you shut your eyes to the world, the world remains not. (T. 164. 3a)

* "Not to see what appears to one's self" -- this misra' allows of another interpretation, viz, 'not to see your own eye,' whence all objects derive their unreal existence.

* "To penetrate the windings of the bosom" -- introrsum ascendere,  cf. Returning to its ancient nest My restless fluttering soul had rest. (T. 340. 3a)

* "O bird" -- we shall often meet with this comparison of the soul to a bird.
* "speak the language of birds" -- use the language of mystics, speak in parables. The hoopoe "hod hod" which Solomon sent with a letter to Bilqis, queen of Sheba (Koran XXVII. 16: "and Solomon was David's heir, and he said, O people, we have been taught the language of birds.'"
* "I was in the (divine) Factory" "in the presence of, and not yet separated from, the divine artificer. cf. "Then he (Gabriel) approached (the Prophet), and drew nigh, until he was at the distance of two bow-lengths, or nearer' (Koran LIII. 809). But the Sufi's interpret the passage as signifying the approach of Mohammed himself to the divine presence."
* "While the house of water and clay" -- the body. While the house of water and clay was a-baking" -- According to an hadis, "He kneeded the clay of Adam forty days."
* "workshop" -- the phenomenal world.
* "was being created" -- because the soul was reluctant to enter the world, and hated the body in which it was doomed to captivity.
* "like a ball" -- this simile may have been suggested by the words 'chon pai namanad': 'the epithet footless', frequently applied to a ball.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Destruction and restoration

When a tailor cuts the cloth for a garment piece by piece,
does anyone strike him,
saying, "Why have you torn this choice satin?"

Whenever the builders repair an old building,
don't they first ruin the old one?

Likewise the carpenter, the blacksmith, and the butcher—
with them too there is destruction before restoration.

The pounding of the myrobalan
becomes the means of restoring the body to health.

Unless you crush the wheat in the mill,
how will there be bread on your table?
Mathnawi IV:2348-2353
Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
"Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance"
Threshold Books, 1996

Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Sweetest of All Things

Since you are the one who takes life
It is the sweetest of all things to die.
Life is sweet
But merging with you is far sweeter.

Come into the garden!
Join the Friend of the Truth!
In his garden you'll drink the Water of Life,
though it seems like fire to die.

In one moment someone dies,
In the next moment someone is born.
There is a lot of coming and going
no one really dies
nor will I ever die.

Forget the body, become pure spirit.
Dance from here to the other world.
Don't stop Don't try to escape,
even if you are afraid to die.

I swear were it not for His pure nature
The wheel of heaven would turn to dust.
Merge with Him now,
And you'll be sweeter than halva
when it comes time to die.

Why hold on to this life? –
True living comes by giving up this life.
Why cling to one piece of gold? –
it is a mine of gold to die.

Escape from this cage
and breathe the scented air of His garden.
Break this hard shell –
It's like a shining pearl to die.

When God calls and pulls you close,
Going is like paradise –
It's like a heavenly river to die.

Death is only a mirror
And your true nature is reflected there.
See what the mirror is saying –
it's quite a sight to die!

If you are kind and faithful
Your death will also be that way.
If you are cruel and faithless,
that is the way you will die.

If you are like Joseph,
full of goodness,
That's how your mirror will be.
If not, you will see
only fear and torment
when it comes time to die.

These words are sweet,
but they always fade.
Sh . . . The eternal Khezr
and the Water of Life
have no idea what it means to die.

  Version by Jonathan Star
"A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi"
Bantam Books, 1992

Underwater in the Fountain

When you die into the soul, you lift
the lid on the cooking pot. You see

the truth of what you've been doing.
It looks sad and terrible before the

crossover move that lets nine levels
of ascension turn into ordinary ground:

silence, conversation with Khidr, blind
and deaf, underwater in the fountain.

  Version by Coleman Barks, with Nevit Ergin
"The Glance"
Viking-Penguin, 1999
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