Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sambutan Aidil Adha

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Korban buat kaum Muslimin serta Muslimat semua. Maaf zahir & Batin.

"....Berkorban apa saja
Harta ataupun nyawa
Itulah kasih mesra
Sejati dan mulia..."
(Seniman Agung P. Ramlee)

and poems by Jalaluddin Rumi

I see His face, I see His smile –
There is my joy!
I feel His rage, I feel His painful blows –
There is my joy!
But what's this? He has asked for my head!
At least He has asked me for something –
There is my joy!
(Jonathan Star & Shahram Shiva, A Garden Beyond Paradise, Bantam Books, 1992)

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I am in love not only with his smile and radiant face
but also with his wrath and contempt.
He has asked for my head, I do not care if I lose it
what makes me ecstatic is
Him asking.

(Azima Melita Kolin Maryam Mafi, Rumi: Hidden Music, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 2001)

"Your beloved lives next door" - Ghazal 648

O you who've gone on pilgrimage - 
where are you, where, oh where?
Here, here is the Beloved!
Oh come now, come, oh come!
Your friend, he is your neighbor, he is next to your wall
You, erring in the desert - what air of love is this?
If you'd see the Beloved's form without any form
You are the house, the master, You are the Kaaba, you! . .
Where is a bunch of roses,
if you would be this garden?
one soul's pearly essence when you're the Sea of God?
That's true -
and yet your troubles may turn to treasures rich
How sad that you yourself veil the treasure that is yours!

(Translation by Annemarie Schimmel, "I Am Wind, You are Fire", Shambhala, 1992)

why are you turning round in circles,
what are you looking for?
The Beloved is here, why search in the desert?
If you look deep in your heart,
you will find Him within yourself.
You have made the pilgrimage
and trod the path to Mecca many times.
You rave about the holy place
and say you've visited God's garden
but where is your bunch of flowers?
You tell stories about diving deep into the ocean
but where is your pearl?
There is some merit in the suffering you have endured
but what a pity you have not discovered
the Mecca that's inside.

(Translation by Azima Melita Kolin & Maryam Mafi, "Rumi: Hidden Music", HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 2001)
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Pilgrims on the way! where are you?
Here is the beloved, here!
Your beloved lives next door, wall to wall
why do you wander round and round the desert?

If you look into the face of Love
and not just at its superficial form
You yourselves become the house of God
and are its lords

Ten times you trod the trek unto that house
For once come into this house
climb onto this roof
That sweet house of sanctity --
you have described its features in detail

But give me now
some indication of the features of its Lord
If you have seen that garden,
where is your bouquet of souvenirs?
If you are from God's sea, 
where is your mother of pearl soul?

And yet, may all your troubles bring you treasure
What pity that your treasure lies buried in your selves.

(Translation by Franklin D. Lewis, "Rumi - Past and Present, East and West", Oneworld Publications, Oxford, 2000)
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