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Do We Understand Each Other - Part 2

Two things...!!
1. Cannot tahan the itch la.. !
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For those who do not understand what "cannot tahan" is, it means "cannot stand".

By the tone and setting of this blog, I originally intended to post only articles revolving around RumiM. Nasir and the likes with some occasional weird stuffs which nobody seems wanting to give any comment... hu..! hu..! hu...!

After publishing the previous article, I have got this "socio-politic itch", which normally cured easily when I get my dose from Kenn. (Now you know why I do not have many entries in my blogroll, except for ...L I S T E D !!!.)
Mopiko? Uh! Uh! did not help either..!!!

In my previous article, I wrote about how important to have a common language in order for us to understand each other. Common language is a key to nation building.

Sometime ago, PM Najib, in his 1-Malaysia blog mentioned that tolerance alone is not good enough. There must be acceptance, because tolerance seems to be "conditional" whereas acceptance is more on the basis of "willingness" that is, more on "unconditional". Stuffs like "unconditional love", "giving without expecting anything in return" etc. That is noble.

To reach that level of "acceptance", I think, people go through/experience some kind of process. Perhaps the process (simply to say) would be; people come to learn what is "tolerance" first before they could appreciate what is "acceptance".

But how do people come to learn, to understand and to know what "tolerance" is? Don't you think that people must understand each other first before they could tolerate?

And how could people understand each other when they don't even speak the same language?

hmmmm... not understanding each other means there are misundertandings... which may lead to....? suspicion? distrust? intolerance? non-acceptance?

So... common language is indeed a key to nation building.... common language is one of the tools to unite people.

Anybody has any idea what is the common language for Malaysians?

PM Najib, can you help me here? Well, for one thing I certainly cannot instruct the Minister in charge of press, printings, official communications and correspondences, bill boards, public displays and advertisements, signage, commercial banners etc to mind our own National Language in accordance to the provisions of the Federal Constitution and the Language Act. You have the power PM Najib, including warning the hypocrite-me to stop blogging in English !!! he..he..he...

Wow! my socio-politic itch is gone !!! hurray !!! yea !!!
I will stop right here, right now!
next please !

Kenn informed me that (MIc) has published the article here. Kenn believes MIc has reproduced my previous article titled "Do We Understand Each Other". I think Kenn has some grounds to believe so because:-

1. The same title
2. The last part the article ("Enemy In-sight") was my own experience when I sat for an exam, English paper, very long time ago.

That "Bush-Condi" joke was forwarded to me quite a long time ago (I mentioned "email vault" in my previous post). Save for the images in spicing up the joke, which I sourced from the net, I myself do not know who was the original author of the "Bush-Condi" joke. The author could be one of these (about 829,000) search results, if you google for it.

Oh well, it is not "giving the credit where it is due" that really matters for me in the case, but MIc had just missed to publish the real message that I wanted to get across in the first place! The first part of the article which carried the message "common language is a key to nation building" is what matter more than the "Bush-Condi" joke. If you asked me, MIc should not leave out that part, the real message!. Maybe in this case, MIc should get some advice from Kembara Politik, who did it right when he/she wrote:-

(Enjoy the laughs... but do take heed of the lesson as well)

More examples to do it right, perhaps, here, here and here, where all of them had mentioned the source (by giving proper credit), where the materials are being sourced from.

I just want to spread the words which are quite similar to what caution us whenever we want to make use of something which do not belong to us. I too, want to keep on reminding myself on this. says this:-
"Remember: Using others' images on the web without their permission may be bad manners, or worse, copyright infringement."

MIc also have this at the bottom of their page, haven't they?
"Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved."

Help me to spread the words here MIc, maybe one day Jebat Must Die will find it appropriate to list MIc in his/her blogroll as requested by one commentator named pj Moorthy. Let us contribute a little something to help maintain the high level of ethic. Indirectly, I am promoting/marketing, am I not Mr. pj Moorthy? Anyway, Kenn has listed in his ...L I S T E D !!! (check out the section titled "NEWSROOM", pj Moorthy!)
UPDATE 17/11/2009 : Kenn has delisted MIc from ...LISTED !!!
Okay, the two things are done! No more itch!

Before I sign off, I would like to "market" something too.. he...he...he...

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Now, should I or should I not stick on to just Rumi, M. Nasir, weird stuff and the likes all the times  from now on ?

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