Friday, May 07, 2010

In God We Trust

The email containing just the 3 throphy photos shared to me had the title "China Made Trophy". Well, there are reasons to believe so.....the 3 throphy photos had inspired me to write this blog entry
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When you forgo and ignore production standards just to make things cheap (or is it to maximise your profit?) .. things become dirt cheap, near worthless....
not in money,
but in values, morals, ethics, ... the list goes on.

If you make money work for you, then there is a good chance they will come in great numbers to work for you.

But if you work for money, rest assure that money will soon work you out and turn you into one of the many "money worshippers". Then say hello to cheats, deceits, immorality, unethical practices, greeds, sorrows, angers, possessiveness etc etc because your God is no longer your God..


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You may be driving a big MPV with number plate bearing your initials and single digit number, but you may still collaborate with the enemies of the country, hand away the sovereignty, selling the country cheap in dignity and everything else, all in the name of money, "In god We Trust"! 

There is no victory to celebrate among the "money worshippers"

An engineer will advise an accountant this:-
"Next time you go to, say Nilai 3, to get yourself a product, having 'money' as the first thing in your mind, think about the safety features the product has. Ask yourself, 'Do you want to spend less money?' or 'Do you want to buy yourself a product?'. 
A product built primarily because of 'money', is not a product. It is 'god money' in disguise. The seller out of greed  will try to maximise profit (to a point of disregarding everything else) and the buyer with 'money god in mind' will be victimised (because spending less money becomes the first criteria). The product will likely fail to function in no time,  if not  failed in safety features (thus spend more money to get another one -- never fail to keep on worshipping).

Worth it?

So, which product does really have value for money? A product built to serve it functions (thus following the standards set forth in terms of safety, quality, functionality etc and cost a bit more) or a product built to make it appear cheap in cost?
Can a country progress and become a first world nation if "Money" in actual fact,
is god No. 1?

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Someone says,
"I can't help feeding my family.
I have to work so hard to earn a living."
He can do without God,
but not without food;
he can do without Religion,
but not without idols.
Where is one who'll say,
"If I eat bread without awareness of God,
I will choke.

Mathnawi II: 3071-3079,
Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
"Rumi: Daylight", Threshold Books, 1994
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