Tuesday, June 01, 2010

In Uttering It... Part 2

Remember Antares ? in the previous post, In Uttering It...... where the size of our mother Earth practically disappears ?

Here is VY Canis Majoris (click the last image), the largest known star..... whose physical size makes Antares disappears.

(Click to zoom the first image to refresh the memory on the previous "In Uttering It" post. Mother Earth already practically disappears in this first image. Click the 4th image to refresh the image of Antares. Click the last image to compare Antares against VY Canis Majoris. Then give a thought for one second on our physical size, just before we were about to utter "Allahu Akbar")


(click on each image to zoom it)

(unable to trace the origin of images for credit purposes)

Who are we, on the face of this Earth,
before the Yang Maha Agung....
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