Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The best place to begin

"It is critical in the current time frame to remain receptive to the divine whispers of the eternal. Those who have defined their cause as one of negativity simply cannot find fertile ground in your thoughts and energy. To remain steadfast in your stance of positiveness can be tedious.

Know that the nature of who you are is a strong one. Nothing can block the natural ebb and flow that emanates from within your heart. There are those who would seek to eradicate the beauty of the soul. Some wish to seed the earth plane with all types of evil. This behaviour has participated for centuries.

Many have attempted destruction, but without cooperation, those who would try will fail. Be steadfast in the belief of who you are. The glow of spirit within cannot be stilled. Allow your deepest thoughts of peace and serenity to come forth.

Stop running the race for a few moments to take in the beauty of the world you wish to create. If it is covered in darkness, shine your brightness upon it. The core of essence of the divine is still there.

A new wave of purity created by the individual is the best place to begin in a cluttered negative space.

Be of good cheer and yes, hopeful. Restructure reality serenely, but with great strength.

Face your inner doubts and disappointments with a fresh outlook. Decide you can make a difference. Nothing can stop you if you stay focused. Calm the fear. Do not get swept away in the mass turmoil.

It is the individual perspective with a state of purity that will conquer the darkness.

Know that you have the strength to reignite the peace and serenity."


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