Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nothing is free.. No Thing..

Nothing is free...
You are great !
.. so claim your Greatness..

(Surah At Tin - 95 : 4)

Name me one thing which is free?
a quicky answer you may say then..
"The air you breathe..."

Let's go to the territory which our current mind can see.. comprehend..

We were once from just a drop of semen
Millions of sperms from that semen swimming, striving and journeying..
across the ovarian sea
Not all the millions reach its destination..
The one that reaches, may not survive too..
Unwilling to go further..
That life is then given up..

But You...
Out that many millions..
The one who does not give up easily..
Determined to live..
Meeting and Uniting with your other You..
Patiently surviving the world of Womb..
And soon the people of the earth will celebrate this joyous Birth..
An earthling date to be remembered year by year..

Is that air you breathe, free?
It has "costs" you a great "Warriorship" to be alived today..

Like any great religions of the world will preach...
Life is Sacred
It is a great sin to end a life..
Now you manifest your Great Warriorship once again
Preserving your life the end of time
And again, not all the billions warriors...
You are again not in the list of those who gave up easily..

Is that air you breathe, free?
It has "costs" you another great "Warriorship" to continue to be alived today..

This Journey... this Travel..
Has long begun before any beginning..
Has long embarked upon by You in the ancient time before there was any time frame
An outward Journey to be Home

Nothing is free..
No Thing..

P/s: If you say; yes!.. there are things which are "free".. they won't cost you a dollar sign.. 
then I may tend to agree with you in the narrower sense...

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